Welcome, Wanderers
- My Journey on Foot since 2000 - LONG Version HERE
In 2000, I started commuting year-round by bicycle to my workplace in downtown Portland. My 10-mile round-trip ride, which I did for 10 years, was a nice way to start and finish each work day. In 2010, when I started working at a job closer to home, I switched gears and began walking year-round to my new workplace. My five-mile round-trip work walks soon led to extended weekend walks, and thousands of miles and photos of sights I saw along the way. Later, I used the photos to take "virtual" walks with my mother, who lived in Alaska.
You will find all of my walks from 2017 to 2019 on this site. I am (slowly) adding albums of my past bicycle rides and walks from 2008 to 2016. I began walking a lot in 2011, so I have many photos to post. The culling is a labor of love though, since I enjoy seeing many of the "before" Portland sights again.
- My Digital Photo Gear -
I walk long distances, in all weather, so I like to carry light gear. I currently use a Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II. It is lightweight, has a small form factor, and performs well. In hard rains, it can be challenging to keep dry though, so I still use my smartphone now and then.
- My Analog Photo Gear -
In the early-80’s, when I was a student in the (then) University of Alaska Anchorage Alaska Wilderness Studies program, I used an Olympus XA 35mm rangefinder on my backpacking and mountaineering trips. I have many fond memories associated with the camera — my spouse, my friends, our back-country trips, and our bring-your-own-slides shows. It was a different age and type of social media experience. You will find photos of some of my Alaska hikes among the albums here. Eventually, I will upload more of my earlier Alaska backpacking, mountaineering and ocean kayaking trip photos.
- My Social Media -

From 2009 to early 2019, I was active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as @PNWPhotoWalks, @WalksInPortland, @WalkinginOregon and @OregonPhotoWalks. I enjoyed engaging family and friends (real and virtual), but I am now trying to be more social in real life, so I am only posting photos here and on Flickr. Although I tend to favor positive photos and progressive politics, please note that not all of my images are necessarily endorsements. I prefer to let the viewer decide.
- My Flickr Workflow -
After my walks, I edit and then post selected photos to Flickr. You can use my photos on Flickr but you must follow these Creative Commons license terms. I have not and do not intend to sell any of my photos. I use a third-party service to monitor inappropriate copyright usage. The photos I upload to Flickr often have captions. If the caption is a link, it will only be active in Flickr and not on this website. In Flickr, use right-click to open the link in a new page.
- Privacy Matters -
I respect people’s privacy, so I try to not capture personally identifiable information. I do not geotag my photos, but I do capture signs and signposts along my routes for general orientation. I do tend to wander without purpose though.
- Comments / Questions? -
In closing, I encourage you to wander and I invite you to take a journey through my photos. Drop me a note if you have any comments or questions. If our paths have not crossed yet, perhaps they will in the future.
Thank you!
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