- Climate Change -
I have seen the adverse effects of climate change in Alaska first-hand. I think climate change is real, caused by humans, and walking is climate action. I think our legislators, everywhere, need to act boldly. I am encouraged by our young people, throughout the world, who are now making their voices heard. Locally, I currently stand with Oregon Walks and others of like mind and do not support ODOT's I-5 Rose Quarter freeway expansion project.

- Active & Public Transportation -
From 2000 to 2015, I was able to commute to/from my workplaces in Portland primarily by bicycling and walking. That experience has led me to appreciate the efforts our public officials and others continue to take to support these transportation modes. I recognize these options are not available to all, however, for various reasons.
I currently commute on two bus lines to my workplace. I have also been able to take public transit to and/or from all but two of my walks in the Portland metro region over the last decade. My public transit experience has led me to be a strong proponent of transit infrastructure and service improvements that serve the greatest needs. I strongly endorse the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation Rose Lane Project.

- Pedestrian Advocacy -
My walks have made me aware of good and bad pedestrian infrastructure. I appreciate those who plan, design, and build our pedestrian overpasses, sidewalks, ramps, crossings, islands, signals, and lighting. 
To walk some of my talk, in the past I volunteered to support Lloyd TMA (now, Go Lloyd), Willamette Pedestrian Coalition (now, Oregon Walks), and the City of Portland (Ten-Toe Express, Sunday Parkways).
In 2019, I helped AARP Oregon with its Community NeighborWalks program. Unfortunately, my work schedule and summer travel limited me to only being to help with three weekend walks and a few Sunday Parkways. This might also be my situation in 2020. I took photos during the Sunday Parkways and NeighborWalks, but I have not posted any of the photos that included people because I want to ensure their privacy.
In 2020, I am helping Oregon Walks on a couple fronts. During this challenging time when we are maintaining our social distance, I support their current #KeepCalmWalkOn challenge, campaign to Clear the Corners, and join them in their support of the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation Fixing our Streets program.

- Housing -
As this series of Sightline Institute articles explain, rezoning residential neighborhoods to promote density and reduce suburban sprawl is another step that can be taken to address the adverse effects of climate change. For this reason, among others, I testified in support of State of Oregon's HB2001 and Portland's Residential Infill Project (RIP).
I would also like to see the City of Portland repurpose one or more of our five public golf courses, such as the Eastmoreland Golf Course, for housing and/or into nature area. Likewise, I would like to see many of our surface parking lots repurposed as well.
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