- Alaska Grown -
I was born in the Territory of Alaska and spent my youth and years as a young adult in Alaska. Alaska was and always will be a special place to me; 25 years of wonderful memories. I still return often to visit family and friends.

- Alaska on Foot -
I was fortunate to be able to explore Alaska on foot: wearing cross-country running shoes, cross-country skis, hiking boots, snowshoes, and crampons.
You will find photos of some of my Alaska hikes among the albums here. Eventually, I will upload some of my (vintage) Alaska bicycling, backpacking, mountaineering, and ocean kayaking trip photos. I need to scan many 35mm slides first.

- Alaska and Canada on Bicycle -
With little planning but lots of enthusiasm, a good friend and I did a bicycle trip in Alaska in 1972. Lessons learned, the next year we completed a month-long bicycle trip from Calgary to Seattle.
Between the two bicycle trips, I have five photos. Life in an era before selfies and Instagram.

- Oregon on Bicycle -
After I moved to Oregon in 1980, I got back in the saddle. I explored Portland, Corvallis, and Eugene by bicycle and continued riding for the next 30 years. I have many fond memories of rides and trips with family and friends.

- Home & Work Fronts -
During this same period, I also became a father to three children, worked in IT/IS/MIS in multiple industries, repaired and remodeled my old house, and completed grad school.
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