My Journey on Foot (so far)
Born in Alaska
I spent my youth and years as a young adult living in Alaska. Alaska was and always will be a special place to me; 25 years of wonderful memories. I still return often to visit family and friends.
Exploring Alaska on Foot
I was fortunate to be able to explore Alaska on foot — wearing cross-country running shoes, cross-country skis, hiking boots, snowshoes and crampons. You will find photos of some of my AK hikes among the albums here. Eventually, I will upload some of my (vintage) AK bicycling, backpacking, mountaineering and ocean kayaking trip photos.
Exploring Alaska by Bicycle
My interest in bicycling started in earnest in 1972, when a good friend from Alaska and I did a bicycle trip in Alaska. The next year, we completed a month-long bicycle trip from Calgary to Seattle. Our route on the Going-to-the-Sun Road took us through Glacier National Park in Montana. Young men, we were. Between the two bicycle trips, I have five photos. Life in an era before selfies and Instagram.
Exploring Oregon by Bicycle
In 1980, after I moved to Oregon, I got back in the saddle and explored Portland, Corvallis and Eugene by bicycle. I continued riding for the next 30 years. During this same period, I became a father to three children, experienced job changes, remodeled my old house, and finished grad school.
Commuting by Bicycle in Portland
In 2000, I started commuting year-round by bicycle to my workplace in downtown Portland. My 10-mile round-trip ride, which I did for 10 years, was the perfect way to start and finish each work day.
Commuting on Foot in Portland
In 2010, when I started working at a new job closer to home, I switched gears and began walking year-round to and from work. My five-mile round-trip work walks soon led to extended weekend walks, and thousands of miles and photos of sights I saw along the way. Later, I used the photos to take "virtual walks" with my mother, who lived in Alaska.
Advocating for Pedestrians
My work walks also led to volunteer activities with Lloyd TMA (Go Lloyd), Willamette Pedestrian Coalition (Oregon Walks) and the City of Portland (Ten-Toe Express, Sunday Parkways). With retirement on the horizon, I am now supporting AARP Oregon and their community NeighborWalks 2019 program.
Stepping to Stop Global Warming
Although Alaska is just one of the canaries in the (global warming) coal mine, I have seen the adverse effects of climate change in Alaska first-hand. I think climate change is real, caused by humans, and walking is climate action. I also think our legislators, everywhere, need to act boldly. I am encouraged by our young people, throughout the world, who are now making their voices heard.
Supporting Public & Active Transportation
Today, I typically commute to work by bus. I am a strong proponent of public transportation and all modes of active transportation. Thanks to TriMet, our regional transit agency, I have been able to take public transit to and/or from all but two of my walks in the Portland metro region.
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