My Photo Gear, Content Management & Workflow
This page complements my About page on Flickr.
Early Cameras
I reference the film and digital cameras I used at different points in time prior to 2016 on my About page.
Current Cameras
In late 2016, I purchased a Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II to use on a family reunion trip to Sicily [photos]. Our trip to Sicily was my second (last) trip abroad.
The Canon is mirrorless, lightweight, has a small form factor, and performs well in low-light conditions. I use it to shoot quickly and discreetely, which I've found is ideal for urban and travel photography.
I occasionally take photos and videos with my camera phone. I currently have an iPhone 12 Mini. I like it because of the small form factor, technical specs, and integration with the rest of my Apple ecosystem. We also have a digital Sony Handycam, which we use for long family recordings.
At a future date, I plan to purchase another compact mirrorless camera. Among other features, I'd like one that is weather resistant and accepts interchangeable lenses. I have lens envy when I view the photos that my Flickr friends shoot, and even when I look at the photos I snapped in the 70s-80s with my 35mm SLR and 70-210 telephoto.
Digital Content Management
I manage my photo collections using Adobe's Lightroom (Classic and Mobile) and Apple's iCloud Photos. Previously, I used Apple’s Aperture. Between my public and private collections, I'm currently managing ~71K images.
I have an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription, so I occasionally edit my photos and create collages using Adobe Photoshop. I want to become more proficient with Photoshop, so I’m planning to take some online tutorials. One of my sons uses Photoshop professionally, so I might call on him for help as well.
I also have a subscription to The Lightroom Queen. I highly recommend their resources!
I'm slowly adding more digital video content to my collections. After I contracted to have my mom's film content digitized, I did the same with much of my immediate family's content. I also digitized a small collection myself. I've decided to use Apple's iMovie for my relatively simple editing work after I trialed different video editors when I created a Portland time-lapse video [photo].
Website, Video Virtual Walks
In 2018, I built my current website using Adobe Portfolio (Behance). I reviewed other website builders such as Squarespace, Wix and WordPress. In the end, I liked the tight two-step integration with Lightroom CC, so I went with Portfolio.
When I built my website, I also moved from my WalksInPortland domain to PNWPhotoWalks. I did so when I changed my name on Twitter and Instagram to acknowledge the communities other than Portland where I was walking.
In 2022, I plan to optimize my site for performance. I might also create a large collection of video “virtual” walks using the photos I've captured since 2010. My target audience will be individuals who are immobile and/or experiencing dementia. When my mom was ill, I fondly remember having long-distance phone conversations with her as we “walked” together. I don't know yet whether I'll host the video content on Portfolio or another platform, such as Flickr or Vimeo.
PNWPhotoWalks Workflow
My PNWPhotoWalks digital content workflow is simple. After each walk, I cull and edit my photos using Lightroom Classic. I then upload the selected photos to Flickr. I use Jeffrey Friedel's Lightroom plugins, which I find to be very helpful. I typically post no more than three photos each day on Flickr, adding them to a new album over the course of a week. When I'm done posting on Flickr, I add one or more albums with additional photos from the walk on this site. Occasionally, I'll post to my site first and then to Flickr.
Last updated: 4/2/2022 
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