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In 2018, I built my current website using Adobe Portfolio. I reviewed other website builders such as Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress. In the end, I liked the tight two-step integration with Lightroom CC, so I went with Portfolio.
When I built my site, I also moved from my WalksInPortland domain to PNWPhotoWalks. I did so when I changed my name on Twitter and Instagram to recognize the communities other than Portland where I was walking.
I use Google Analytics to monitor site traffic and performance. Currently, Google Analytics is the only web analytics service supported by Adobe Portfolio. I don't use Google Ads or any of their other marketing or e-commerce services because I'm not selling anything.
I know my page load times on mobile devices are awful! In 2022, I plan to optimize my site for performance. Unfortunately, I can't change any HTML in Portfolio or use more efficient image formats such as HEIF. This means I'll need to reduce the size of my images manually and not use Lightroom CC—Portfolio integration. I also can't expose the metadata on individual images, so there is no low-level SEO capability.
In fairness to Adobe, I don't think Portfolio (Behance) was ever intended to be used as a mass photo sharing platform, so it's possible I'm pushing the product's limits.
I also still need to add a Terms of Service (TOS) page to my site. I'm researching good representative models. For now, know that I do not track IPs and I would never sell user data, even if it were aggregated and anonymized. See my social media page for more.
The avatar that I currently use on my site and on Flickr is a photo I took when I was waving from the Failing Street Pedestrian Bridge steps in Portland.
Future Content Plans, Video Virtual Walks
Aside from improving my site and adding themed albums, I'm thinking about creating a large collection of video “virtual” walks utilizing the photos I've taken since 2010.
My target audience will be individuals who are immobile and/or experiencing dementia. When my mom was ill, I fondly remember having long-distance phone conversations with her as we “walked” together. I still need to find a non-profit partner who would be interested in using the videos. Our local Alzheimer's chapter is one prospect. Another might be memory-care facilities in the region.
I don't know yet where I'll host the video content. I'm looking into Flickr or Vimeo.
Last updated: 6/15/2022 
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